Digital Remote Radiography and Fluoroscopy System


General radiography and fluoroscopy of stomach, intestines, gall bladders, bilary ducts, spine etc.
Image storage and transfer - Dicom Compatibility
Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS, RIS, HIS)
High quality image system for
   DVF (Digital Video Fluorography)
   DCR (Digital Cine Radiography)
   DSR (Digital Spot Radiography)
Various image processing features such as Window, Level, Inversion, Edge Enhancement, Subtraction and Magnification
High Resolution Image with dynamic range suitable for best diagnosis
Output through Normal Film Printer, Multi-Format Camera and Laser Film Recorder
Storage Device of MOD Image Archival System

Compatible with PACS, RIS 
High resolution digital spot image
Comprehensive functionality for both digital radiography and fluoroscopy
Compact, economic and flexible design for installation of limited space
Cost effective digital operation
Dicom 3.0 compatible network
Digital Imaging for increased efficiency and high image quality