DRS Digital Radiography System


Radiography System - DRS

Trixel Flat Panel Digital Detector 
Size of 17" x 17" eliminates the need to rotate the panel 
143 x 143 micron pixel sin matrix of 3000 x 3000 x 14 bits 
Less than a second to acquire final image 
Quick digital transmission helps the radiologist for faster diagnosis 
Establishing film less environment in the hospital by storing and transmitting digital images 
Cost effective operation 
Easy operation by licking the mouse 
PACS patient transfer 
LUT (Look Up Table) function 
Automatic Image Optimization (AIO) 
Resolution over 9 million pixels


FDA 501

CE mark  

DICOM 3.0  compatibility 

ISO 9001



DRSC- Digital Radiographic System

Easy, reliable mass screening equipment which can be installed on a vehicle 
Superior image quality 
Acquired image within 6 seconds 
Digital image processing 
All system functions can be controlled on the screen 
DICOM and PACS compatibility 
High frequency generator with AEC 
Increased patient throughput 
Digital upgrade for analog film system 
20 inch TFT LCD or CRT Monitor 
DR solution for image quality and cost savings