Exclusive Distributor Agreements in Hungary

Medicor Service Co. Limited has the Exclusive Agency right for distribution, marketing and servicing the following non Hungarian products and companies:

LISTEM (South Korea) - High Frequency traditional and digital X-ray equipment, C-Arm surgical intensifier, different examination devices and radiographic accessories.

Products Distributed by Non Exclusive rights:


RF SYSTEMLAB (Japan) NAOMI Direkt digital radiography CCD imaging sensor

ATLIAM (South Korea) Cassette Sized digital x-ray detector

OXFORD SONICAID (UK) - Huntleigh UK - Kardiographs, dopplers

EMA-LED GmbH (Germany )  EMA-LED is specialized in medical luminaires used in surgeries.

Hansung Medical Co., Ltd. (South Korea) - Hansung Medical is specialized in manufacturing of sterilizer and we are also expanding our business area to motor operated medical aspirator and nasal dilator.

Service Agreements:

We have concluded service agreements with the following Hungarian companies for the servicing their imported products:

ICOS Impianti Group S.p.A. (Italy) Universal sterilizers, autoclaves, stainless steel kitchen appliances

BIOSPACE med (France) - EOS ultra-low dose 2D/3D orthopedic imager