We have started our marketing and commercial activities in 1990. At the beginning we focused mainly on exportation of spare parts and accessories.

As a speciality of our organization that the marketing and service activities are under the same management. Our costumers receive besides the supply of excellent products and extremely efficient technical knowledge and maintenance support. Who are usually trained at the suppliers premises.
We pay special attention to the high quality, reliability and international acceptance of the products.
Our colleagues at the commercial department are at your service on he following fields:
Importation, local distribution, marketing of our imported brand of medical equipment 
Our products and disposables are delivered to the sites if it is required.
International Relations
Coordination of marketing strategy, participation on international Trade Fairs, and Symposiums.
Submitting tender documents
Organizing service trainings for the product involved
Translation of user's manuals, technical descriptions, catalogues and other marketing materials.
Export and import spare parts and accessories for products produced earlier by factories belonging Medicor.

International Relations:
Import: USA, Holland, South Korea, England, Italy, Austria, France,Japan
Export: Greece, Slovak Republic, Libya, Bangladesh, Egypt, Brazil