About us

Medicor Service Co. Limited has started its activity in 1963 as the central service department of the Medicor Corporation for the medical equipment, produced by Medicor Factories. It was reorganized and transformed into a share holding company in 1988 and continued its expanded activities on the medical field as member of the Medicor Group. After the disconti-nuance of the Medicor Group in 2004 the company is still operated as shareholding company. 

Medicor Service Plc. was member of the Euromedic Group from 2013 to 2016, after June of 2016 we continues independently retaining our earlier functions.

During the past decades Medicor Service Co. Limited obtained a great deal of knowledge and experience on whole spectrum of medical technology and formulated a reliable link between the manufacturer and the end user. Medicor Service Co. Limited operates on the basis of flat rate contracts, individual orders or as main contractor covering the whole section from the operative filed through, electronic technology to the field of radiology.Our highly qualified specialists ensure that all equipment is well maintained, serviced and supplied with all the necessary spare parts. Recognizing the potentials in the long lasting experience and professional relationship with the leadership of different health institutions.

Medicor Service Co. Limited expanded its activities to the distribution, marketing and servicing of non-locally manufactured equipment. At the early 90's a marketing department has been established with a well trained staff base and achieved that a third of the total income of the company generated by the new department from exporting and importing different kinds of medical, equipment and the related spare parts.

Our main profile is the maintenance, repair, functional and safety measurements of all type of medical equipment. We have service contracts nearly with all medical institutions and hospitals in Hungary.