Equipment Safety Technological Test.

Almost full spectrum of medical equipment are tested as required under the clause 4/2009 (III.17) by Ministry of Health. We acquired and received the necessary approvals and certificates from The Institution of Hungarian Medical Technology.

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance, service and repair are provided on the basis of individual orders, flat rate contracts for all the equipment, instruments, devices formerly produced by members of Medicor Group.(Operational, electronical, x-ray and diagnostically equipment)

Main contractor Activities

Main Contractor Services are provided on the basis of flat rate contracts where the entire range of medical equipment belonging to the specific health care institution are maintained and repaired by our specialist at site and with sub contactors.

# We provide continuous and all-round maintenance, repair and service for the medical equipment in the framework of the contract, listed in the inventory of the different departments.

# We perform the specified periodical analyses of compliance with functional and safety requirements, calibrations, adjustments regulated by clause 4/2009 (III.17.) of the Ministry of Health and by clause 127/1991. (X.9.) of the Government of Hungary.

# On behalf of the customer we inspect the performance of the existing contracts providers and perform the same services by ourselves after the expiry of these relevant obligations. Sub contract agreements are also concluded.


Long time used operation tables, operation lamps or its main parts renewal or replacement is included in our services.

Modernization,Direct Digital Radiography Upgrade

Outdated x-ray equipment, examination devices and generators formerly produced by Medicor X-ray Factory are renewed and/or replaced with high frequency units.This NEW NAOMI ccd sensor allows the doctors to keep an existing x-ray table and upgrade to digital.

Radiology equipment installation, removal, transportation

Planning of any medical X-ray room radiation protection

Hospital equipment health check

Hospital Equipment Survey

We provide full range survey on the conditions of the entire medical technology by departments of the relevant health institution. Medicor Service Limited assists to the hospitals to meet and comply with the regulations of the ISO Quality Assurance System and applies medical technology that provides consistent quality of medical services.
We supply our own software system for inventory registration of the health institutions providing easy references of backup documentation, instruction manuals, maintenance and services dates and reference numbers etc.

Service Agreements

Medicor Service Co. Limited provide services and maintenance not only for the products imported by us, but provide services during guarantee and after guarantee period for other suppliers where service and maintenance agreement has been concluded between the companies.
In our Representation headline related companies and products are enumerated.